Across Thailand – Part III

Part three of our trip to Thailand.

Across Thailand – Part III
Southern Thailand: Kata Phuket, Khai Islands and Phi Phi Islands
Part three of our trip across Thailand.
The local bus at Patong Beach
You can actually see a lot of small shops that sell bottles in front of their shops. I was wondering what kind of drink they might be selling. It turns out it's gasoline.
Khai Islands
We did a day trip to some little islands just East of Phuket.
That's the whole island. You can find some food and drinks – that's it.
The water level was rising quite a bit while we were there.
We continued on to another place. It consists of two islands – one of them being just a little bar. You can walk over there through shallow water.
Phi Phi Islands
Our hotel picked us up with this "boat" and brought us to the hotel
Our hotel played that whole Viking theme
This bucket was next to the door for you to clean your feet before you enter
Our hotel beach
The hotel area is so spread that they put up these signs everywhere
Look closely, there's a monkey.
Our captain
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