Dachs Chase Game

College project design concept for a smartphone game.

The idea for our game was inspired by the game »Maze«. We decided to remove the walls. The player now needed to draw walls so that the ball wouldn’t fall in one of the holes.
This wasn’t enough for us. We decided to create a story.
The main character of the game is the mole. As you may know, moles can’t see very well.
That’s why the mole created his own special pair of glasses. 
Of course, other folks want the glasses. The mean badger Dachs stole the mole’s glasses while he was sleeping.
The dog is working for the badger. He is his helping hand.
We created two levels to give you an overview of how the world around the mole looks like. One is a level between the mole’s house and the ground. The other one is where the dog lives.
In this video, you can see what happens in the game. If you don’t set the walls correctly, the mole might get hurt. If you do everything right, you will get to the finish.
We created a website for our game. The website is a longpager. The longer you scroll down, the more you will come into the world of the mole – you start in the sky and come closer and closer to his house.
This is how the interface of the game looks like. You start in the main menu where you can post to Facebook and Twitter, change the settings, view highscores and move on to the levels.
We created a poster with a lot of detail.
This is how your life might look like when playing »Dachs Chase«.
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